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I’d like to propose you the review of scientific and technical report concerning, in my opinion, « LHC project — Large Hadron Collider». Besides, it allows to start development of the electrical machine using space quantum field energy. « LHC project — Large Hadron

Collider t» were actively financed in Russia and abroad – in Japan, USA, France, etc. – which is confirmed by numerous publications. This subject represents the salvation of one of the energy questions. I suppose this new generation electrical machine development quite possible on the basis of the factory like NEVZ (Novocherkassk Electric Locomotives Building Factory). The salvation of this advanced development is vital in the situation of growing international competition on the market. The review and publication are attached. Please, give your feedback and recommendations.

Valery Ryabov
country: Russia
sity: Novocherkassk 346404
E-mail: mrryabov29@gmail.com
phone: +7 908 511 80 89

Letter to the academician Valeriy Rubakov